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Test & Measurement Instrumentation

Environmental test chambers that create temperature & humidity extremes in chamber sizes from benchtop to drive–in.

Emcor electronic equipment racks and enclosures feature an extensive selection of rack heights, widths, depths, and styles that target your specific design requirements. A variety of external and internal accessories are available to complete your design.

Haefely EMC technology has a full range of conducted immunity test equipment designed to simulate the effects of interference sources on electronic, electrical and telecommunications products.

Most prevalent and included in both IEC and EN product standards are the "classic" EMC tests for electrostatic discharge (ESD), electric fast transient/burst (EFT), lightning surge, magnetic fields (MF), and power line quality.

Boundary-Scan Test & In-System Programming Solutions for Design, Manufacturing, and Field Service.

Rigol instrument solutions combine uncompromised product performance, quality, and advanced product features; all delivered at extremely attractive price points.

World leading manufacture of chambers, shielded rooms, absorbers and antenna measurement chambers. A new partnership agreement between AR and Comtest Engineering makes it possible to design, build, and service an EMC test facility using a single source provider.

Specializing in sophisticated test equipment, particularly related to phase measurement. The product portfolio includes Frequency Response Analyzers (gain/phase analyzers), vector voltmeters, phase meters, Impedance Analyzers, true RMS voltmeters, Selective Level Meters, Laboratory Power Amplifiers, and Power Analyzers.

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