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Need Highly Qualified Electronic Engineering Representatives to Represent Your Products?

Since 1975, EQS SYSTEMS has been serving client needs in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia. Our specialty is selling hardware and software solutions for electronic manufacturing, product performance, industrial automation, and communications applications. We specialize in test & measurement instrumentation, power supply products, data acquisition systems, sensors and signal conditioning, and calibration equipment.

Trained sales engineers located in the metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh are available to demonstrate products, configure equipment, and answer technical questions about the products we represent. All have experience with transducers, test & measurement equipment, data acquisition equipment, embedded systems, and signal conditioning products. At our headquarters in Chesterland, Ohio we maintain a staff to assist customers.

Our database of over 10,000 customers and prospects is continually updated and used for developing business opportunities and keeping our clientele abreast of new developments from our business partners.

Our sales strategy is to combine a good mix of sales calls, local trade shows, e-mail blasts, in-house presentations, area seminars, and telephone qualification. We participate in the IRIS Show in Cleveland as well as the Automotive Testing Expo Show and EMC Fest in Detroit and other regional events throughout the area.

Our customers are engaged in the design, manufacture and testing of industrial and consumer products ranging from machine tools to appliances, from automobile manufacturers and their suppliers to cutting-edge communications systems. Our customers include: NASA, WPAFB, Ford, GM, General Electric, Raytheon, L-3 Communications and Universities such as: The Ohio State University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon to name a few.

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