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AC & DC Power Supplies & Amplifiers

Economical AC frequency and voltage converter sources from 45 to 500Hz and 0-600 volts. General purpose AC and DC programmable loads for single and three phase applications including solar, battery and LED specific products.

Precision Industrial Amplifiers, DC - 200kHz, 1kVA - 20kVA for EMC test, Industry and Research applications. Audio-Bandwidth standards waveform generator including a large library of Automotive, Aerospace and Industry standards' test routines.

RF/Microwave Instrumentation for EMC and RF testing, RF Solid State Amplifiers 1 to 50,000 watts, DC to 1 GHz, Microwave Amplifiers 1 to 10,000 watts, 0.8 to 45 GHz, Antennas Up to 15,000 watts input power, 10 kHz to 50 GHz, Radiated Immunity Test Systems, MultiStar Multi-Tone Tester, MultiStar Laser-Powered Field Analyzers, MultiStar DSP Receiver, Hybrid Power Modules, RF Conducted Immunity Test Systems, EMC/RF Test Systems Accessories and EMC Software.

We provide technically advanced, reliable, and cost-effective AC and DC power solutions that feature fast transient response, tight regulation, high peak current capability, no switching noise (linear) and very low switching noise (PWM switching) models, and low impedance.

TDK-Lambda Americas, Programmable and High Voltage, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high power programmable AC to DC, and High Voltage Capacitor Charging and DC power supplies.

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