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Since 1975, EQS SYSTEMS has been serving client needs in a geographical area that includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Our specialty is selling hardware and software solutions for electronic manufacturing, product performance, industrial automation, and communication applications. We specialize in test & measurement instrumentation, power supply products, data acquisition systems, sensors and signal conditioning, and calibration equipment.

EQS Systems LLC is an engineering sales and technical representative for leading suppliers in the following areas:

Test and Measurement Instrumentation

  • Component Test Instrumentation
  • Standards and Calibration Equipment
  • RF Power Meters, Analyzers, Components, and Connectors
  • EMI/EMC Instrumentation
  • Switching Systems, Multiplexers, and Cable Assemblies
  • Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers
  • PXI/LXI Instrumentation
  • Hi-pot, Ground Bond and High Voltage Meters

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AC & DC Power Supplies, Loads, Bi-Polar Supplies and Amplifiers

  • DC Power Supplies for Bench and OEM applications
  • Hot swappable with current sharing and n+1 redundancy
  • 19 inch rack mountable supplies
  • Bi-Directional Sources for battery and alternative energy applications
  • Voltage, Frequency and Waveform Converters

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Data Acquisition Systems and Boards

  • Dataloggers
  • Real-time Acquisition and Control products
  • Portable systems for In-vehicle applications
  • Multi-channel Recorders with Signal conditioning
  • Telemetry Systems
  • Ethernet, USB and Wireless Data Acquisition systems

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Specialty Sensors

  • Pressure Mapping
  • Non Contact Temperature
  • Pyrometers/Imagers

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New Products

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